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Vimla was born the 29th of mars 2007 with here 9 siblings in Vallda, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Vimla means something like swarm or teem in Swedish ;)
She is a big girl that measures 67cm and she weigh 38kg.

When Vimla was 4month of age, she had an accident and broke here leg. It was in here back hook joint, calcaneus.
She had two surgeries and had to be still for a long time and she could not play with other dogs for almost six month.
She had to do a lot of rehabilitation with swimming & treadmill 1-2 times a week. Massage and stretching every morning and evening plus a lot of other exercises.
All the work had paid off. Today Vimla is better than I dared hope for, she is almost back to normal. Here mobility is near a 100%. The only thing that we work on to day is here Achilles' tendon, which is to short due to that it has been removed twice during the surgeries. This doesn't give here any pain, but it results in that she stand on here 'toe' to relieve pressure on the leg. Our goal is that she will go with equal balance on here back legs, but I don't know yet if that is possible.

Vimla is an amazing dog. She has a lot of 'working-energy'. And because the fact that she loves food over anything and also toys, she is extremely easy to train. Of course, she is a Ridgeback, so sometimes my motivation skills is putted to the test ;)
My goal is to compete in obedience some day. I also hope that she can manage to do some agility training in the future. We also do some freestyle from time to time, just for the fun of it ;)
She loves the field tracking and she manages to become a Swedish Field Tracking Champion, SVCh, at only one year of age.
When it comes to training for exhibition she goes absolutely nuts, she can go on forever. So I hope that she will be healthy in here leg so that she can compete for real in the future!
Despite the fact that she is a really active little girl, she is the coolest ever at home. She is extremely cosy and loves to cuddle!

I will never forget the day Pia called to tell me that I was having a puppy. I cryed of happines!
Vimla is the best and every day with here is a blessing!